July 18, 2008
Reconnaissance trip to Digby Island
will be carried out this summer.
August 30, 2007 - Book Launch
The book was launched today and it now
available for sale at the Alberta Aviation Museum
and on this website
here. We hope to get it to
other bookstores soon. If you went to the book
launch today, thank-you. If you are interested in
this book, or would like more information about it,
do not hesitate to contact Mark. Stay posted for
more information on the investigation.
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Investigation News
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December 5, 2009
The investigation will split into two now. I plan to return to Digby Island next year in a final attempt to dig up
information about Sigvald's disappearance. After triggering such an extensive investigation into the mad trapper, I
still would like to find out more about Sigvald.
March 20, 2010
Apart from the Sigvald story, it seems unfortunate that the mad trapper chase was not accurately represented in this
latest documentary. From the documents I have, it is very clear that the mad trapper shot and killed Millen and later
wounded Hershey only after they had gotten down into shooting position and were firing first. This would indicate in
these cases he only was returning fire in self defence. They were certainly not walking toward him as protrayed.
Police documents also admit quite clearly that the mad trapper had opportunity to kill the whole posse in the first
incident where one policeman was wounded. For the general pubic viewing the documentary we simply have an
unnamed individual declaring "He was a killer, a cold blooded killer."
March 19, 2010
Unfortunately I never actually was given a chance to review the logic on ruling out Sigvald through DNA. The company
that owns Johnson's DNA appears to plan on keeping it perpetually in secret. The case was somewhat baffling in that
Dr. Bell's work on the isotopes appeared to have supported the Sigvald case in a couple ways. I've looked through the
book and watched the documentary several times.
In the documentary Dr.Bell suggests the mad trapper came from the corn belt in the US based on his high nitrogen
signature. I have been reading that this signature can also be produced by a marine diet or injesting corn through
secondary means (i.e. through meat from corn fed pigs, milk from corn fed cows, or eggs from corn fed chicken). This
was Sigvald's childhood diet plus he had the marine diet almost all of his life. For some reason they only mention the
US corn belt as a possibility.
Secondly the oxygen isotopes provided two possible geographical areas where the mad trappers drinking water came
from when he was growing up. One was mid northern US, the other was part of Scandinavia including Sigvalds
hometown. The documentary people chose to emphasize the US possibility even though the mad trapper had a
scandinavian accent.
Regardless of all that let us assume the DNA has ruled out my Sigvald theory. It appears we are forced to reach
conclusions based on the credibility of the people who have looked at the DNA, rather than the evidence itself. I have
to concede they do have credibility, certainly more so than I have.
Sigvald around 1912
Albert Johnson's Death Photo 1932
Sigvald around 1912
July 10, 2010
In just a couple weeks I have scheduled another investigative trip to Digby Island. It will be the fourth trip in 27 years.
This time my 25 year old son Chad will accompany me. He has a GPS so I shouldn't get lost. I've been doing a lot of
exercise in preparation for who knows what. I don't expect to find anything but previous trips to Digby Island have
brought surprises so we shall see what happens.
August 30, 2009
In my discussion with Dr. David Sweet I was very pleased to find that he personally kept the bone and tooth samples
from Albert Johnson's grave in his hand luggage when he transported them from the grave site in Aklavik to the UBC
BOLD lab to ensure their security. The sample sent to the Orchid lab for the mitochodrial tests was sent by an
independant courier (Purolator I believe) and signed for at both ends. I am satisfied that the security was adequate
and therefore consider the results conclusive. The mitochondrial results were such that there was no likelihood that
Sigvald and Albert Johnson were the same person.

With these conclusive DNA results I consider that Sigvald is exonerated in the death of Constable Millen. While
Sigvald's personal characteristics and lifestyle appears to have mirrored Albert Johnson, they were different men. This
investigation was useful in that it uncovered new information about Sigvald from the late Iver Wahl in Prince Rupert as
well as exposing Colin Tree's cave discovery on Digby Island . Certain important aspects of an unrelated persons life,
one Albert Johannes Håskjold and his descendants have also been clarified. With the DNA tests other suspects have
also been ruled out as being Albert Johnson.

I have to admit it took a long time for me to accept this result, nevertheless I do find it conclusive, so I can put the
matter behind me and move on. I recognize that I have a history of stubborness. I can't seem to change my viewpoint
without evidence. In my youthful science studies I once held to a concept that the earth was as little as 6000 years old.
It wasn't until I was 35 years old in about 1995 that I personally dug out a critical rock with an embbedded piece of
wood. It was lodged in a 30 million year old Peace River area formation and I gave it to a lab tech for testing. Her
observations were such that I changed my viewpoint to reduce my suspicion of the science community and accept the
realities of a 4.5 billion year old earth along with it's evolutionary history. Of course that related to a much larger issue.

I hope to continue to research matters of importance and much appreciate the help so many persons have provided.
June 19, 2009
Here are the photos submitted by D. Staver. The latest candidate for identifying the mad trapper is this fellow  Elbert  
Herndon. With a name like that I might want to change it to Albert Johnson as well. He was born and raised in the
Mid-west  States. He is about the right age but I don't have much more information.
June 23, 2009
New information on this investigation. See the report here.
August 31, 2010
July's trip to Diby Island became more of a test of how to reach Digby Island from our home in Edmonton without
spending money, more than anything else.On the previous investigation trip up to Inuvik a lady at the airport offered
15000 aeroplan miles if I would just apply for a credit card, so I did.

Surprisingly the 15000 points awarded were sufficient to book a trip from Calgary to Digby Island. We drove to
Calgary in the early morning hours on July 22. From there we flew to Vancouver transfered to a smaller plane and on
to Digby Island. The staff at Prince Rupert Airport was helpful in escorting my son Chad and myself to the ocean side
of this Digby Island airport boundary. We were on the beach by noon. We had 7 hours to explore the entire area
before returning the same way. We landed back in Calgary at midnight. Exhausted we traded off driving the three
hours back to Edmonton. Total time was about 27 hours 45 minutes.

We did it. We explored a remote beach a thousand miles from home without spending hardly any money, and we did
it in a day. I don't think I would try it again. People need to sleep.

I have many pictures but could not find anything new regarding Sigvald in the cave nor  anywhere else along the
rugged coastline.Having 7 hours on that coast made me realize what an incredibly beautiful place it is. It is helpful to
understand why Sigvald would have chose to stay there for at least ten but maybe twenty years or more. The
evidence seems to have comepletly vanished now into the every regenerating forest.